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According to, Divco, a notable milk delivery vehicle manufacturer, partnered with Wayne Works in 1957 and was Divco-Wayne until 1967 or 1968. In the late 1960s or early 1970s, Wayne Corporation became part of Indian Head Corporation, as noted by the Indian Head emblem on the roof. Wayne changed hands a few more times, but it was eventually bought by BMY, a primarily military vehicle division of Harsco in 1992. BMY moved Wayne a short distance from Richmond, Indiana, to Marysville, Ohio, and changed the name to "Wayne Wheeled Vehicles." Carpenter acquired the Richmond plant. In October 2000, Spartan Motors announced plans to liquidate Carpenter, so the future of the Richmond plant is uncertain.

Around 1995, BMY decided to get out of the school bus business. Deals to sell Wayne Wheeled Vehicles fell through, and the Ohio plant was eventually shut down. I wonder who now owns the Wayne design copyrights/patents and the Wayne name?

I hope this sketch is of some value. I hope it is generally correct, although I may have to make changes as my fascination with Wayne Works bus history allows a bit more research to satisfy my curiosity. I'll try to find and post more information soon. Please send replies and corrections (especially the latter) to: