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Wayne Works invoice 1895

Wayne, an early school bus manufacturer, has a long and fascinating place in America's transportation history. Some sources give 1837 as Wayne Works' founding year, while others claim Wayne Works was in business "since 1868." The company's own literature has referred to both years as the beginning. A 1947 brochure mentions that Wayne Works had been in business for 110 years. A 1920 brochure makes what might be a qualification stating that Wayne Works "vehicles" had been manufactured "since 1868." One certainty is that Wayne Works never started as a bus manufacturer, but as a maker of various sorts of agricultural tools. According to the History of Wayne County, Indiana, v. II, (Chicago: Inter-State Publishing Co., 1884, pp. 534-535), a foundry known as "Wayne Agricultural Works" was started by John Whippo, Caleb W. and James Witt at Dublin, Indiana, in 1837. Wayne Agricultural Works, sometimes referred to as "Wayne Agricultural Company," was soon transferred by Whippo to four Witt brothers. Norton Davis I. L. Lawrence eventually purchased the company. It became a stock company in 1871 and moved to Richmond, Indiana, in 1876. Wayne Works was making "school cars" before 1895, although this 1895 mentions nothing of them among the listed products. Is anyone out there familiar with the Knightstown, Indiana, purchasers listed on this invoice?